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Dahl Memorial Healthcare is a private non-profit corporation established in 1957.

As a non-profit corporation all donations and memorials may be tax deductible, and are appreciated.

Residents of Carter County may purchase a lifetime association membership for the amount of $10.00

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Dahl Memorial appreciates
each and every one of
our wonderful EMTs

Willow Beach

Dwayne Bruce

Tom Carroll

Conner Castleberry

Troy Fruit

Karen Kreitel

Sandra Mrnak

Jim Pardee

Clayton Stieg

Judy Wright

Wayne Yost

Deb Yost

Linda Ziettlow

       EMTs and Paramedics are the healthcare safety net
     for all of us.  Please know that no matter what happens,
     we know that you work hard and that you care. We know
  what you are accomplishing out there and we give you
    our respect. We give you our sincere thanks. We pledge
    to support you as best as we are able and we know
that you’ll continue to give
us your best.

































Our Mission is to improve the lives and health of our community through comprehensive services provided in a professional and dedicated atmosphere of compassion.