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Dahl Memorial Healthcare is a private non-profit corporation established in 1957.

As a non-profit corporation all donations and memorials may be tax deductible, and are appreciated.

                   Residents of Carter County may purchase a lifetime association membership for the amount of $10.00

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  April Nursing Home News   



          Friday morning, the first day of April the residents gathered in the dayroom for group exercises.  Virginia has a group of individuals who work hard to keep fit.  Later that afternoon the residents participated in a “Reminisce Corner”.  The topic for the session was remembering phases or clichés of the past. 

     Sunday April 3, Ruth Blair passed away.  Ruth had been living with us since Dec. of 2013 and had become part of our family.  The staff would like to extend our condolences to the family. 

     Wednesday afternoon the dayroom was the place to be!  Live music was on the agenda, performed by our local musicians: Robert Boggs, Phil Cook, and Delbert Justice.  These gentlemen are so faithful to come and provide entertainment twice a month.  Thank You!

     Friday afternoon, April 8th the recliners were moved in a semicircle, popcorn was made, the drapes pulled, the theater was now open for business.  The afternoon matinee showing was “Man from Snowy Mountain”.  It is an old movie but a good one, the music alone makes one want to get up and GO!!

     Sunday, April 10 is the first day of National Volunteer Week.  Dahl Memorial would like to thank three very special people who faithfully volunteer;   Billy Elmore, Stella Powell, and Terry Stieg.  You three are so very much appreciated!!

     The Baptist Church hosted a group of musicians from the Cornerstone Bible Institute.  The group presented a program including a hand bell choir.  Arrangements were made for five of our residents to attend the program.  Those who were able to attend were; Jeanie Tauck, Jane Brewster, Betty Loken, Zoe Waldren, and Jimmy Curry.  The group was especially pleased with the hand bell choir as four out of the five residents play in our hand bell choir. 

     Monday April 25 Jennie Klasna passed away with all of her children at her bedside.  Jennie had only lived in Dahl Memorial since Aug. of 2015.  A burial will be at a later date, Saturday, June 18th. Sympathy is extended to Jennie’s family.

     The balmy weather of March has changed to a wet windy April.  The residents would often comment about the trees leaning, or people trying to walk against the wind.  It wasn’t even good weather to fly kites!   But the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, so we will see if that works!

     Donations for the month of April were given in memory of Ruth Blair by Jeanie Tauck.  Thank you so much for your support.

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 Our Mission is to improve the lives and health of our community through comprehensive services provided in a professional and dedicated atmosphere of compassion.