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Dahl Memorial Healthcare is a private non-profit corporation established in 195

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Carter County Report

          In the summer of 2011, the community in Carter County Montana was surveyed about its health care system.  This report shows the results of the survey in both narrative and chart formats.  At the end of this report, we have included a copy of the survey instrument (Appendix B).  Readers are invited to familiarize themselves with the survey instrument and then look at the findings.  Our narrative report touches on the highlights while the charts present data for virtually every question asked. The entire report may be viewed through this link:    Ekalaka Carter County Report.pdf

        Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association is an 8-bed Critical Access Hospital, 23-bed nursing home, rural health clinic and is a private non-profit organization based in Ekalaka, Montana.  Dahl Memorial Healthcare has a service area of just over thirty-three hundred square miles and provides medical service to the Carter County population of approximately 1,234 people.  Dahl Memorial Healthcare participated in the Community Health Services Development Project administrated by the Montana Office of Rural Health and the National Rural Health Resourced Center (NRHRC) in Duluth, Minnesota.  A part of this project is community engagement.  This includes a health care service survey and focus groups.                                                       


As a non-profit corporation all donations and memorials may be tax deductible, and are appreciated.


Residents of Carter County may purchase a lifetime association membership for the amount of $10.00

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 Our Mission is to improve the lives and health of our community through comprehensive services provided in a professional and dedicated atmosphere of compassion-
Dahl Memorial Healthcare


        Leadership at Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association (DMHA) took part in a strategic planning process to systematically and thoughtfully respond to all issues and opportunities brought up by their community during the Community Health Services Development (CHSD) Process, a community health assessment.  Dahl Memorial conducted the community health needs assessment in 2011 in conjunction with the Montana Office of Rural Health (MORH).                                                                                                                                

        Through CHSD, the facility conducted a random sample community health survey, and a series of focus groups.   The CHSD also utilized secondary data from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, and MORH.  Dahl Memorial Healthcare and MORH staff determined the community served through a market share analysis that highlighted the zip codes from which a majority of community members came to receive care from the facility.  Internal discussions to determine specific populations which needed to be included in focus groups (i.e. low-income, minority, etc.) also took place.

        MORH staff provided an intensive review of secondary health data from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services and other reported health data sets.  Due to the large geographic size and low population density, obtaining reliable and localized health status indicators for rural communities continues to be a challenge in Montana.  As a result, many standard health indices (i.e. chronic disease burden and behavioral health indices) require regional reporting, which may not necessarily reflect the most accurate data for Carter County.

        The entire report may be viewed through this link:

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